Storage tanks

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The active drilling fluid volume is stored in the supply tank. The Normag supply tanks are quick and easy to link to the mix unit and reclaimer via a overflow pipe. Naturally this element of the drilling facility is also compact and easy to fit and transport.

Normag’s supply tanks can be extended to meet requirements and stand out in three areas:


- compact and standardised dimensions (CSC certified sea containers)

- safety: fold-up anti-slip SS platform, built-in impact-resistant lighting, no

  protruding parts, rotary field control, emergency stop relay


- equipped with two powerful immersion mixers (removable)

- double pre-compression pump

- transfer/ pre-pressure pump(s) with integrated, high-capacity ID mud filter

- SS switch box

Ease of use:

- modular system: short rig-up and rig-down times

- safe and easy to transport

- quick and easy to connect to the mix unit and reclaimer with overflow safety pipe


- platform bridge pieces for linking platforms

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