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The reclaimer separates the pumped-back drilling rinse from the drilled-out material to make the rinse suitable for re-use. The facility is connected to the supply tank or the mud-mixer to achieve this. The reclaimers offer capacities of up to 3,000 litres/min.

Normag’s reclaimers are currently available in three editions:

  • Skid or trailer version with a capacity of up to 750 l/min
  • 6 x 2.5 metre (20 ft container) with a capacity of 2,500 l/min
  • 9 x 2.5 metre (30 ft container) with a maximum capacity of 3,000 l/min

Normag’s reclaimers can be extended to meet requirements. Their most notable physical, technical and ease-of-use features can be found below:


  • safe: fold-up anti-slip SS platform, good view due to built-in impact-resistant lighting, no protruding parts, rotary field control, emergency stop relay
  • ergonomically: wide range of movement, flat floor, local control of pump and shaker



  • equipped with highly durable slurry pumps
  • equipped with advanced hydro-clone technology
  • SS switch boxes
  • powerful pump units with high yield
  • newest dual-motion shaker technology

Ease of use

  • short rig-up and rig-down (modular system)
  • safe and problem-free to transport; construction fits into container and closes it off
  • safest unit on the market
  • waste containers can be placed under each shaker unit (container editions)
  • mixers and supply tanks are linkable (modular construction system)

Did you know Normag’s product range also includes combined reclaimer/mixers?

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