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The most important component of an HDD facility may well be the mix unit. This equipment mixes the bentonite with water to form a gelatinous drilling rinse. The greater the speed and precision of this process, the more stable the rinse will be. A powerful mud mixer limits the chance of disruption to the drilling process and – in the worst-case scenario – keeps the TFL (Total Fluid Loss) to a minimum.

Normag’s mix units stand out in a number of areas:


  • compact and deliverable in standard dimensions (CSC-certified sea containers of 6 and 9 metres)
  • safe: fold-up anti-slip platform, built-in impact-resistant lighting, no protruding parts, wide range of movement, rotary field control, emergency stop relay
  • ergonomically: 6.5tm jib crane on board (swivelling, chain hoist, 2 tonne hoisting capacity in any position), no more physical work on mixer


  • dosing mixing device
  • power locks on the supply cables
  • equipped with two very powerful venturi agitators in tank
  • high shear capacity: faster and better mixing; quickly produce large quantities of rinse; more stable rinse
  • SS switch boxes
  • powerful built-in pump units, high specific facility capacity (110 kW)

Ease of use:

  • short rig-up and rig-down times (modular system)
  • safe and problem-free transportation: crane fits in container, platform closes it off
  • supply tank(s), mud pump and reclaimer linkable (modular construction system)
  • optional transport pump / pre-pressure pump, standard pre-pressure pomp switch with mud pump
  • available in various capacities and editions



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